How to drop the “Quarantine 15” FAST!

How to drop the Quarantine 15 Fast:

Stress, isolation, & an over-abundance of snacky-snacks within arms reach all day, every day was the imperfect combo that caused many of us to become a little fluffier than we were prior to Covid-19’s appearance. Adding unwanted pounds creates even more frustration, self-loathing, lack of energy, health problems and we DO NOT want any more health problems! So, what is a pandemic-era person to do to come out stronger than before — and fast?! Well, I plan to give you the solutions that have helped many during this time to get into the best shape of their life, which is the best insurance plan against any punk viruses floating around anyhow. So, let’s get to it, & not waste a minute longer, shall we?

There are 5 things you can do starting this week to turn it all around asap.

#1 Gain clarity. Before you dive into any new goal unprepared, you need to get very clear on a couple of things to ensure your LONG-TERM success, instead of running out of steam or getting distracted after just a few days or weeks in. You’ve got to write down where you are right now. Get your starting weight, measurements, energy & happiness level written down. Take front, back & side photos to track your progress. Jot down your goal for each of those categories (which is, where you want to be,) give it a deadline and then think of a reward for yourself you can set your sites on while you’re working toward your goal; like a new outfit, trip, night out or etc. Get those details figured out so it’s real & clear and not just a fuzzy idea. Lastly, determine why you want this at a deeper level. Think about why you want to lose the weight, why you want more energy & better health. Put the goal, the reward & the why somewhere you will see them daily. It needs to inspire you just thinking about it.

#2 Next, you need to determine what exercise & nutrition plan you want to commit to long-term, even when it doesn’t work out some days, a plan you won’t give up on, but will keep starting fresh every day. Something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life, because that is where the real transformation happens, when you can become & STAY the healthiest version of yourself through the many ups & downs of life.

#3. Plan out your schedule & location. Before you start, you will also need to plan when & where you’ll workout and meal plan. It needs to be a set time on the calendar, just like a doctor’s appointment, or you will be at high risk of skipping workouts and eating fast food. Will you workout early in the morning, on your lunch hour or in the evening? How long will you work out and what exercise plan will it be. Will you plan your meals for the week and grocery shop on Saturdays, for example, or on another day? Getting clear on all this is so critical, or it may not happen at all if you are left to living a reactive lifestyle, rather than proactive. Take control of your day in advance for best results. This is what makes the difference between those that see success & those that don’t.

#4. Drink more water, eat more veggies & cut the sugar/processed foods/refined carbs. Try to get in half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. It will make a big difference fast for flushing your body of toxins, clearing up your skin & giving you more energy and helping you to feel full longer. High fiber veggies serve the same purpose. Just following these basics alone most days of the week can make a significant difference quickly. Fads are only short-term, & we don’t want you back to square one in a few months!

#5. Make it fun! Studies show that the odds of long-term success greatly increase if you have support & accountability. So, consider doing this with a group that share the same goals as you! Either online or in person. Have fun. If you work out at home, add some décor to the space to make it one you look forward to being in. Create an awesome music playlist, get your favorite workout gear ready to go & choose meals in advance you can really relish. Eating healthy does not have to taste disgusting. Make this new effort something you can look forward to this time, because it can & should be exciting. Yes, some days you will not feel like it. That’s normal and should be anticipated, however, you will need to reach down deeper those days to remind yourself of your why and strengthen your discipline muscle when motivation is lacking. On those days, “Just do it!” as Nike would say. You’ll feel better after you do, and will have that lesson to lean on for the next time. The more days that consistently start to add up, the closer you are to developing a new habit that will simply become part of your new healthier, happier identity, and that is truly where the blessing resides.

Michele Rohde is a mom to 2 sweet girls, Lexi & Kelsey & has been married to her high school sweetheart, Rocky for 20 yrs. Her passion as a Financial Advisor & Lifestyle Coach is to help people learn how to “Design a Life You LOVE!” ™ by improving lives in the areas of faith, finance, fitness, fun & freedom.

Lauren Mozisek & Michele Rohde, founders of FB fitness group Rise & Shine. Visit to learn more!



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